A very early blog, before I even knew there was such a thing as a blog. The site was originally updated regularly every few weeks for several years. In fact, in the beginning I had my home telephone number on this site for a few months without any calls. Shortly after, with the internet explosion, I was getting calls at 2 and 3 am!! It was a no brainer to remove the number at that point in time.

If you wish not to read my personal experience and want to jump ahead, just click on Hernia Surgery Experiences where you will find the the first and largest Hernia Discussion Board on the internet. Since, 1998, many men &*women with a hernia have gone to the Hernia Surgery Experiences site for answers. A mile stone was registered in 2007 when over one million hernia patients visited the site. The reason the board is so popular, aside from being the first hernia bbs on the internet, is that we are NOT affiliated wth any physician group, nor advocate any particular repair type. Just people for people. Be apprehensive of boards operated by physicans for personal gain.


On November 20, 1996 I thought I was Superman and lifted my lawnmower into the back of my Ford Explorer by myself ... mistake! The Christmas of 1996 I spent in misery ... I could hardly walk as the pain was on both sides of my groin (pain didn't manifest itself till three days after my super lift). I went to an internist on my medical plan and the first diagnosis was a direct hernia with two muscle pulls. The pain pretty much lasted a year and in that time I went to five surgeons ... all with the basic same diagnosis. Therein, lied my problem. I had an obvious visible bulge on my left side by could feel a bulge on my right side as well. All the specialists, including one that does only hernia repairs said I had just a single hernia ... but that there might be a "weakness" on the right side, but I knew better!! I only wanted to undergo ONE operation and not two separate operations. Besides, I didn't like the idea of two long 5 inch scars and the pain and suffering of two separate procedures. In that year period, I found out that 1) groin muscle pulls can last for a very, very long time ... not uncommon for them to last a year or more, 2) doctors don't usually diagnose "indirect" hernias, as there is no visible bulge or evidence, 3) hernias do not go away and only get worse with time and a surgical procedure is the only method of repair, 4) hernia repairs are the most common of general surgical operations. Let me tell the reader that I researched the Internet far and long for answers and found only a few personal hernia experiences (just a line or two), however, there are lots of sites that act as "advertising" for laparoscopic surgery and hernia repair. Therefore, I am adding my experience to the small list of those that underwent laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair and published their experience on the net. The difference is I have extensively given details that I would have wished I could have found in my search.


I met one surgeon who I thought was fantastic, but he was not schooled in the somewhat experimental aspect of laparoscopic hernia surgery. I had read on the internet extensively about the laparoscopic technique of hernia repair and knew it was to be performed only by someone who had done many of these procedures as it takes about fifty operations to master the learning curve ... unlike the typical non- tension method of repair. I felt from my research that the laparoscopic technique was less painful and I would recuperate in a shorter time. I knew the particular surgeon that I liked the most did not practice the laparoscopic technique and felt very comfortable in asking him who might be the right choice to perform the corrective operation. He suggested a surgeon who had done about five hundred such repairs. I contacted him and he said I had both a direct hernia and an indirect hernia and that he could repair both in a single operation lasting about an hour and be home the same day. Finally, a surgeon that said I had two hernias...where everyone else said I had just one hernia and a muscle pull. It was a long time since my original injury of over a year, but that was just what I wanted to hear!

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Hernia Surgery Experiences

My operation performed Jan. 13, 1998

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According to Wikipedia, the term "weblog" was coined in December 1997. It was shortened to "blog" in May 1999. This site precedes the term weblog when it first was an exploratory site to gather information. The real "blogging" occurred after the operation with a running story and updates beginning January 1998.